Insufferable (Original Song)

Hope you enjoy! Any feedback is welcome. Positive or negative.



Early morning angel waiting 

Bed of curtains dirty floor

Living off regretful trusting 

Purifying the devil dust


Careful doubtful hopeful calmness 

Apprehensive self-applause 

Revolution of empty confidence 

Above the sky below the sun 



Blinded by the glowing water

Deafened by the silent cross 

Crippled all the crawling captured 

The promise of the albatross 




Early morning angel waiting 

Bed of curtains dirty floor

Ⓒ 2023 Michael Odom


  • Very deep words used here, and I love it.

    For some reason, I am being pointed to the "Mamas and the Papas".

    I am being transported to a live recording of this great music, with all audiences being hypnotized by the loveliness of the music and the words.

    Simply beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • I like the lyric very much. A little abstract and open to interpretation.

    The music doesn't seem to match the intensity of the words. Don't know if that is deliberate for contrast or just came out that way, but for me it doesn't resonate as strongly.

    I feel like a simpler vocal treatment might be a better fit for this song, less layering and processing, and just allow the lyric to shine through more clearly.

    Enjoyed my listen 😁

  • For me this has a very retro vibe. It kinda reminds me of something though I can't put my finger on what. I'm not sure how to interpret the lyrics, but I really like this song. It's very memorable. Thumbs up from me.😀

  • Thanks for the listen and feedback Owen.

    I actually wanted this song to be more stripped down and raw. Just acoustic guitar and vocals.

    One thing led to another... and it ended up getting the full treatment.

    I like your idea about minimalizing the vocals. They are pretty heavy saturated and layered. That's kind of my style though. lol

    I might go back and work on that though.

    I always appreciate your honest feedback!

  • Thanks Chris. It's always nice of you to stop by on my posts.

    Glad you liked it buddy!

  • Thank you so much for the positive feedback, Rene

    I've always liked the Mama's and Papas. So that is a great compliment.

    Who knows where the inspiration comes from sometimes?

    I've consumed so much music over the years it's hard to pin-point exactly what guides it all.

    Makes me think though.

    Thanks again Rene

  • I am struggling with the lyrics because they seem so meaningful, but I can quite grasp it. This line is awesome "The promise of the albatross "! I love the visuals and the energy of the music. It feels urgent like a pursuit. Super cool vibe.

    As for the vocals. It sounds like your style, and I like it. I also like your voice without the extra layers. You have a great voice!

    A thought provoking and enjoyable listen :)

  • Hi . . . had a few listens, and I really like the song idea of it all, the feeling and the lyrics are all there, but that vocal recording, damn, no pronunciation is there, somehow you haven't captured those higher frequencies . . . and it's not a volume thing, it's the sibilance, pronunciation range, perhaps 2k to 8k, that is missing for me, makes a huge difference in the presentation. If I follow your vocals text as posted, it all makes sense, great stuff . . . but if I close my eyes, just not clear enough. Not sure how you recorded this, but that's the main thing I heard, from an otherwise great sounding song !

  • Thanks for the listen and feedback Andrea. Glad you liked it.

    As far as the lyrics go, I always try to have a theme and get as close as I can to it.

    Lyrically, I wish I could be more profound and less abstract.

  • Thanks for the feedback popitup.

    Yeah, you're not the first to point that out about my singing. lol

    Vocals are definitely not my strong point when it comes to songwriting. I do try my best though.

  • Sorry for the bump, but I’ve re-recorded this song entirely.
    I was not happy with the sound. Hopefully you’ll give it another listen.
    Appreciate it!
  • I enjoyed the song. It has a nice late 60s vibe to it. Unique and interesting lyrics!

  • Good morning................Love the ABBA sound here. The atmosphere created is very nice and soothing. I don't understand the lyric. The images are ominous, but the music is uplifting and soberingly sweet.

    Good stuff!


  • I really like the whole vibe going on. It almost feels pulsating and alive. I like it!!

    A quick thought on V1:

    "Early morning angel waiting 

    Bed of curtains dirty floor

    Living off regretful trusting 

    Purified the devil dust" -- the tense here seems like it should match the rest of the verse 'purifying the devil ('s?) dust'?

  • Happy to come back and listen again! 😄

  • Hi ! Really liking your updated version a lot, you've got those vocals so much clearer this time around, helps me feel closer to the song idea. The lyrics really do say a lot, with so few words, left to the listener's interpretation . . . well done there !

  • Hola @samiamiamsam

    Me ha encantado escucharte!!!

    I liked it a lot, really beautiful and catchy and lyrics are soooo gooooood!!!

    The cadence in the delivery of voices is so engaging!!!! It has been a very pleasant listening. Love too the arrangement.

  • Thank you Mora. You're awesome!

    Thanks for the listen. Glad you enjoyed it

    Appreciate the feedback. Love the ABBA comment!

    Thanks for re-listening Andrea. I like your suggestion about changing purified to purifying. Makes more sense

    Appreciate it Owen!

    Awesome. So glad you mentioned that about the original. And I'm glad I went back and made the changes.

    I'm much happier with the overall sound now. Thanks man!

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