Ballad Of The Unholy

How dare you disturb

My place of rest

Open the coffin  

And bare my chest

Pick up a stake

And pray that it’s sharp

Plunge it right in

Deep in my heart

I patiently yearned

For this day to arrive

I bare my teeth

As I open my eyes

Trembling hands

Your aim is clumsy

The smell of fear 

Is making me hungry

Nice to meet you 

I’m an animal

A Killing machine

I’m an animal

Abomination, Animal

I’ll eat your soul 

I’m an animal

Haunted memories in a haunted land

Are drowning you where you stand

So many words in your mouth at a time

Try leaving a few for your mind

Aging, lonely, 

Out of time

falling apart

Always looking behind

Come up for air 

leave your fears behind

You’re welcome to stay

Together we’ll dine


I give you my blood

Teach you how to behave

I lift you up

I make you my slave

I’ve created a child

A demon like me 

When the sun goes down

Together we’ll feed

I’ve traveled the world

Over sunless seas

I can hear the screams

On the summer’s breeze

Inflicting pain

And agony

A thousand years of



Mirror Mirror 

Upon The wall

Showing me nothing

Nothing at all

God doesn’t see me

I’m not of his plan

My hunger’s a fire 

A plague on the land

Another peasant

Another child

Cold and lifeless

Bodies defiled

Call your Holy men

Say your prayers

Seek your revenge

If you dare


  • That's very cool! Good match between the music and the lyric. It's a long song, but it doesn't drag. There would be ways to shorten it if you wanted to, but I suspect you don't.

    Singing style works very well for the mood. The guitar solos are a highlight, but the whole production is very well done.

    Good stuff!

  • Very nice! Great production.
    The guitars sound amazing. Killer solos.
    I like your singing style. It really compliments the music.
    Very cool song!
  • pete692
    pete692 Las Vegas, NV, USA

    Thanks for the feedback guys. This was one of my grief projects, as I was losing my mother to cancer while I was wrapping it up. She always encouraged my music, and was a huge horror movie and novel fan as well. I feel like she really would've thought that this was special.

    I thought about shortening it, and I actually did a bit, but it had such a nice groove, I figured I'd pay homage to some of '70's hard rock and metal heroes and let it breathe. I was going to cut a whole verse out, but couldn't pick which one.

    Thanks again for patiently giving me your ears and your time

  • Wow, this blew me away! It really rocks and, as you say, those 70s guys would have thought nothing of a six and a half minute song. I suppose you could do a shorter vesrion if you wanted to and have a "radio" and a "live" version. I was enjoying those guitar solos so much that I was quite happy to listen for 6:32.

    The production is great and so is the performance :)

  • Yeah, I love the guitar solos. A bit of Alice Cooper about this if you don't mind me saying. It is a bit long for me..perhaps the album version. Yes, the production is excellent.😀

  • Very good! Great solo and a very well produced peace of work. Although it's not 100% my type of music, I like it very much. And the picture you used from the 1922 film Nosferatu are going great along with the music. This film still is one of the scariest movies I know, despite beeing silent, or maybe precisely of that reason...keep on rocking!

  • Good stuff, Pete! Really great guitar work, lyrics, and a good video! I enjoyed it! Super good production too. Nice, clear sound. Keep the good tunes coming! 😃

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