All One Enchantress Knows (demo)



  • MoraAmaroLaLoba
    MoraAmaroLaLoba Madrid (Spain)

    Very good song, I wonder how you were breathing hahaha

    Good voice, good swing and good song. The story catches and fills eyes with images of the mystery.

    You ask us to tell you suggestions? Perhaps if you inserted a instrumental part towards the middle of the song it would suit it?

  • Thank you for your kind words, Mora! I take quick, big inhalations when there's a pause. LOL! I like your idea of adding an instrumental in the middle, but I'd already made a video.

    Maybe if I make a better version at some point, I can add the middle. I look forward to hearing your next song and seeing your next video! Keep the good songs coming! 😀

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