Written on New Years Day and completed last night. I'm thinking of migrating to another planet!! Gotta have good wifi as I don't want to lose touch with the forum!!


Words and music by Chris Price ©2023


Gonna build a rocket, n send it up into space

I am a member of a strange alien race

We’re live here up in the stars, another place you see

But right now I wish that I came from Mars, oh brother can you set me free

so here’s a note from me – in 2023

I hope that as you’re readin’, it all make sense to you

we should not be bleedin’, we got better things, better things to do

Maybe you can tell me, it’s so easy to see

I bet you got it all sussed out, just like it’s meant to be

so here’s a note from me – in 2023

My capsule’s landed, please take a look inside

When you read my letter, you gotta gimme some place to hide

Tell me I’m accepted, forgive my atrocities

Or will you tell me, you're not welcome here you see

so here’s a note from me – in 2023

Tell me how it is



  • You've been a writing-and-recording roll lately, Chris! Another cool rocker to start the young year! I enjoyed all dimensions of it! Good stuff!



  • I think the FX play well into that alien theme. Give it a different feel.

    A song that is literally going to date!

    Cool, fun song. 😁

  • haim
    haim World

    Listening to this while making some tea, enjoying the vibe, definitely did some dancing over here. Beautifully performed and recorded. I like the lyrics idea and the alien thing, recently I'm thinking we are all aliens.. so I relate. Happy new year man!!

  • I knew I'd love it, and I did, although I'm a bit confused. Are you an alien coming to earth?

  • I've never known if I'm coming or going. Definitely an alien though!!. Glad you like it!!😀

  • Definitely a very fun and cool song.

    Always love the guitars in your songs.

    Keep the writing juice flowing.

    Love your music.


  • I can imagine wanting to leave for another world, and I guess we are all aliens to each other. It's a cool rocker. Love the music and vocals. Had me bopping in my chair. Good stuff!

  • Another good one!

    You crank out about 2 (really good) songs a month....maybe more. How do you do it?

    Good stuff, man 😉

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