It Ain't With Me

Hi all.....I have a new one. Please let me know what you think. As usual, all comments are appreciated, while first impressions are most welcome. Thanks, in advance!

“It Ain’t With Me”

Words & Music by Thomas Tognaci

The lights are on, is there no one home?   

I see a flickering light  

Where have you gone? Am I on my own     

with you high as a kite?   

You’re always somewhere else, my darling

Somewhere lost in the stars  

Maybe lost between our worlds

but wherever you are …. 

it ain’t with me

The social scene with all its pretense  

has always been something more you                      

The wolves convene and you jump the fence

to get a better view  

You’re always there to spar, my darling 

It’s never us, or we  

It’s always you against the world   

And, while you always agree ….   

it ain’t with me

A once upon a long time ago

I fell for love and a face     

We came undone in the undertow   

and washed up in this place   

You’re always to and fro, my darling  

The changing tides, you say   

You may come and go as you please 

but if you come to stay 

it ain’t with me


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