Tumbleweed Vision - Original Collaboration with Sketch



Here's another collaboration with Sketch. Hope you enjoy!

Title: Tumbleweed Vision

Music/Lyrics: Michael Odom/Steve "Sketch" Lundgren

Track time: 3:30 Tempo: 144 BPM

Verse 1

All I am hearing

Mirage appearing

And now my past is haunting me

Out on the prairie

Things look so dreary

Dark clouds are suffocating me


Tumbleweed vision

Demands decision

Suddenly it had come for me


Verse 2

Appeared out of nowhere

Then it just stands there

Waiting for me to retreat

Never again went down...

returned to that town...

Couldn't be in that place again

Streets I had fought on

Thought I had forgotten

Everything that happened to me

© Michael Odom/Steve "Sketch" Lundgren 2023


  • Certainly has a wild west feel right from the start. A sort of hot, dusty, heavy, languid mood where it's too much effort to move and the atmosphere weighs down upon you.

    Great to see another collab from you and Sketch!

  • Hi @samiamiamsam

    I like the effect on the vocals - it gives the song a nice haunting quality. This a great modern wild west song, with a lovely dirty sound and atmosphere. Some nice guitar in hear and of course some heavy tremolo! 😁

    All best,


  • Loving the guitars from the off. I like the vocal effect - it gives this real atmosphere. A great collaboration guys.😀

  • Appreciate the nice feedback and comments guy's.

  • MoraAmaroLaLoba
    MoraAmaroLaLoba Madrid (Spain)

    Me ha fascinado!!! It exudes a so special atmosphere that I felt me caught by a mirage. I enjoyed it a lot!

  • Hi Michael and Steve . . . most excellent collaboration. I really like this style of music, for me, a kind of the "lost highway" sound, and you've captured a very haunting feeling with the bendy guitars and mysterious lyric . . . it transported me, so very well conceived, enjoyed this very much guys !

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