A suitcase full of things that hide from each other

Hola chicos!!! This song is an old one.. Today I am multiplied and each one of me wants different things so... here is a piece of past while I change lol

It's a Spanish song, a very simple and minimalist arrangement and a beautiful story, I think... Translation below vid!!

Stay well!


I walk

I walk the path of the moon

I wear a skirt 

of swaying red flowers between the folds 

with the dance of my steps

and the swaying of my suitcase 

full of things that hide from each other

I cross halls and rooms 

with corridors that without meaning 

always take me 

to some windows 

scattered on the cliffs of a labyrinth

on my way to the moon

I walk I walk the path of the moon


  • A lovely melody and arrangement Mora!

    I'm not sure I fully understand the meaning behind it, but the lyric is very evocative with some lovely images, and it adds to the mood that you have going.

    Very enjoyable to listen to.

  • Pretty cool Mora , I'd just name it " Suitcase"

  • Yeah, I agree with Elvis about the title. Otherwise this another great offering from you and Marcus. Cool song and a good video. Excellent😀

  • Another nice song, Mora. it has a sublime, contemporary vibe. I enjoyed your vocals, the instrumentation, the production, and your video performance. A cool song! Nicely done!

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