The Green-Eyed Monster

A quick, simple song from a slow, simple person. 😁

Some issues with the compression in the mix that I need to get around to fixing.

I see you hanging in the swimming pool changing room

Several inches longer than a daffodil come in to bloom

You’ve been swinging like murderer mobster

And I’ve had a visit from the

The green eyed-monster

You gotta a new lady every time that you’re seen

Your bed sheets move like a ghost on Halloween

You’re piping hot like fresh cooked lobster

I’ve had a visit from

The green-eyed monster

I hear your singing ringing bells and holy gongs

I see milk curdle as I hum all my favourite songs

Your a chick magnet and I’ve just lost her

I’ve had a visit from the

The green-eyed monster

You tower me

You tell me to grow up and stop peeking, looking over my fence

But your pond is greener and my weeds aren’t half as dense

You lost your job

And your wife just left yer

I’ve had a visit from the

The green-eyed monster

Oh I got a white coat

Your as red as a lobster

So don’t get a visit from the

The green-eyed monster



  • MoraAmaroLaLoba
    MoraAmaroLaLoba Madrid (Spain)

    I like how it sounds, that style is great, I adore the organ and the voices, very good arrangement and delivery of vocal for a surreal lyric!! @CorkingCrackBand

  • Funny tune man , some cool productions happening , cool song man

  • schmalex
    schmalex United States

    Really like this one. Great lyrics and music. Definitely get strong B-52's or Oingo Bongo vibes.

    How much of the music are you performing on your own vs with other musicians?

  • Hi @MoraAmaroLaLoba

    Thanks a lot - glad you like it!

    Cheers @ElvisNash

    Hi @schmalex

    Thanks. To your question if you mean on this song, then it's all me barring the drums which are finger-tapped using Abbey Road drums - I think I need to tweak them as they sound a bit weak. If you mean am I collab-ing a lot, then not really and when I do it's mainly getting a vocalist on one of my songs or writing a backing track for a vocalist's song. 👍️



  • Yeah, I'm hearing the B52's as well, maybe even a bit of Meatloaf. Except for the quirky vocals which are definitely you! Great organ on this one. no crits from me, I enjoyed that.😀

  • Very high energy jam, CCB! Cool lyrics, catchy melody, and solid vocals. Nicely done as usual! It has a feel of new wave meets punk rock 80s. i enjoyed listening! 😁

  • Nice on - Thanks @icystorm

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