Hiding In The Caverns


Always view the lovers

Kissing on ITV

Imagining that you are there

How different life may be

You’d argue with the bullies

And help them understand

That they’re victims of their class

And you’d offer them your hand

But hiding in the caverns

Watching from afar

You’ll never even whimper

When life rips out who you are.

Yes hiding in the caverns

So far to barely see

Reflections in the water

Where truth and lies are free

Now check your reserves

Are what you deserve

Is the water pure

Or do you need a cure?

In the caverns

Hiding in the caverns

Listening to the insects

Humming through the night

So many silent soldiers

Can amass without a sight

Haunted by the echo

As you cried out in the dark

Screaming of the children

Playing peek-a-boo in the park

Hiding in the caverns

As the world forever turns

Hoping for nothing

But the lessons others learn

If there were a door

You would lock it shut

Peace inside your tomb

Safe inside your gut

In the caverns

Hiding in the caverns

Would you seek me?

-I would seek you-

Oh would you find me?

-Oh the truth-

Would you take me away?

-Is no surprise-

Would you want me?

-I will always want you-

Oh would you need me?

-Oh the truth-

Would you lie anyway?

-Is in my eyes-


  • I really like this. I love all the musical transitions in it.

    The vocal oohs and aahs work well for you. The guitar work is lovely.

    You might consider swapping ITV for just TV to make it more universal, unless there is a specific nuance in using ITV.

    I'd like to hear a return of (V2?) "But hiding in the caverns...", treat it more like a chorus. I think the emphasis given by the drums and the growling vocals there really works.

    Good stuff!

  • schmalex
    schmalex United States

    Hi, I enjoyed this one quite a bit. I definitely get some Doors vibes from this one, but different for sure. I specifically liked the "hiding in the caverns" vocal harmonizations that go on through out the song and lead into the guitar solo. The song takes a very interesting journey sonically from beginning to end. I wasn't sure what to expect at first. I thought maybe it was going to be intro for more of a metal or hard rock vibe, but I enjoyed the much funkier path it ended up taking.

    My only real note would that I think the more drone-like vocal part towards the beginning may go on a little too long without introducing some of the other harmonies / voices into the mix earlier.

  • Hi @schmalex

    Thanks for your feedback. It's always great to hear what others think and I'll take on board the relevant points.

    Hi @RainyDayMan

    Similarly - thanks for the feedback. To ITV - personally I like specificity in songs, either it intrigues me into checking something out or it becomes a simple guessing game - in this case I'd be surprised if anyone didn't 'get it'. There is a degree of nuance to ITV being used over, for example BBC, (it's traditional rival) but I doubt it's worth delving into now. 😁

    I'm not a big fan or making things universal - I feel the personal touch is too easily lost but I appreciate that's not everyone's feeling and there's obviously a degree of nuance as to when an artist should choose to deploy different reference points.



  • Brilliant. You are fearless with your arrangements. I have a feeling there's an album coming from all this stuff. I'd buy it. Some nice guitars in this one. And what I assume is a bass solo..that's great..Awesome😀

  • Hi @ChrisPrice

    34 serviceable new tracks and counting since March... I really need to stop writing new songs and decide on the album. 😁

    Yeah it's a bass but it got EQ'd to high heaven and lost a lot of the low end - I need to go back before 'release' and correct that. 😂

    Anyhoo, thanks for listening and commenting,


  • MoraAmaroLaLoba
    MoraAmaroLaLoba Madrid (Spain)

    I can only say that I love this one!! Well, I like a lot of your songs lol but this one has a different look in the style, more country-you!!!

    Me ha encantado, wonderful sound!!!

  • Hey @MoraAmaroLaLoba

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm glad you liked it.

    All the best,


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