River Blue

© 2022 Owen Hovenden

Soundclick: https://soundcloud.com/rainydayman/river-blue

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBMqBKtf804

River blue

Paint the sky

Reflecting in your rippled eye

The sunburnt hue

Clouds float downstream

Netted in the wind

So it begins

The dream within a dream


Evening falls

The night breeze cools

And in every pool

Frogs and crickets call

Rustling reeds

Hush the bittern's call

And through it all

The whispering waters weave

River blue


  • Lovely song Owen. The guitar work here is superb. I wish I could do that kind of picking. The lyrics paint a real picture, and your vocal style sets the mood perfectly. Possibly my favourite song of yours I've heard. Brilliant😀

  • @ChrisPrice Thank you so much!

    This is done in an opening tuning str 6:1 F,A,C,G,C,E which gives it a real mood, and lends itself to a slightly different style of picking as well, focusing on high note melody with lots of open strings or a simple barre for the rest.

  • Owen, I love open tunings. Glad to hear how you did this. I should experiment more. I worked for a while with an acoustic player who was really keen on using open tunings. It opened up all kinds of possibilities. I'll get my guitar out tomorrow and try the tuning you're using here. All part of the learning curve.

  • Hi RDM,

    Love your lyrics, triggers a lot of memories, truly poetic.

    The guitar plucking is very hip, and simply lovely!

    FACGCE, very interesting tuning, and sounding very nice.

    I love this recording, well done!!!

    Warm regards,


  • hi rainydayman
    I enjoyed listening to it. What surprised me is that your voice was very similar to bowie.
    but the whole thing could be a bit more exciting. maybe a guitar strumming underneath. about 2/3 in the song to keep it interesting. well done
  • @ReneAsologuitar Thanks Rene! Always appreciate your comments

    @remfire Thanks for the suggestion! It is quite repetitious structurally, so I'll bear that in mind for any final version. And I'll take a comparison with Bowie any day!! 😆

  • Nice finger picking. Love the feel of this. Nice work!

  • @Autopart101 Thanks! Appreciate the listen and the comment 😀

  • Hi Rainy....................a very lovely guitar......soothing. This song feels like a misty Fall morning by an Alaskan river.

    Good song!

  • Do darn pretty. I was mesmerized with guitar and the soft flow of vocals. Very lovely and enjoyable! Love it :)

  • @IronKnee Thanks for the listen and the comment Tom! I've not been to Alaska, but the feeling is likely universal.

    @Andrea Glad you enjoyed it 😀

  • Hola @RainyDayMan

    I love how ethereal the cabtion transmits!!! The ltra is poetry, beauty in motion. I love the guitar!!!

    Happy Christmas I wish you and yours a lot of health, the rest having health is the least of it,

    See you alligator!!!


  • dchip
    dchip New Zealand

    Melodic finger picking, soft vocals, really enjoyable to listen too. Very nice song.

    Merry Christmas.

  • @MoraAmaroLaLoba & @dchip Thank you both for the support! 😀

  • Nice one, Owen. Great guitar picking.

    Lyrics are pure poetry. Your voice sounds great!

  • What a lovely guitar sound and playing. The chords are very nice to hear, along with the bass played. You make one instrument sound like a band. The song and your voice are calming. Sounds very winter song, to watch the rain from the window while listening to it.

  • @samiamiamsam and @haim Thank you both gentlemen!

    I've tried making a Youtube video for this using AI generated images.

    For those that are interested, the link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBMqBKtf804

    Hardly professional, but it does add some visual interest and was certainly easy to do!

  • Very mellow, enjoyable song, Owen! Your guitar work is smooth and adds a nice vibe to the song. Nice vocals and lyrics too. Thanks for sharing!



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