Watching the wheels (John Lennon cover)

Hi all, 

Happy Memorial Day! In remembrance of one of my musical mentors, I made a cover video of one of my favorites from Double Fantasy. Letting go can be the way to gaining all. I hope you enjoy it. Any comments appreciated.




  • Ah I really enjoyed that one. I like the double vocals too.

  • One of my favourite Lennon songs. Like RDM, I too like the double vocal. That's very John Lennon. A great post Beatles song which sums up where he was at the time. A nice cover Paulina.

  • Thank you RDM and Chris. I love this song and understand why he had to walk away. Retreat is an act of strength. He later came up with his Double Fantasy songs in a matter of a few weeks. Hope you're doing great!

  • @highvibrational . . . Very well done, and enjoyed ! Your pared down acoustic version keeps the essence of this classic song intact, yes that's a vocal signature that was very John Lennon. You've got a great voice, hope to hear some more from you here . . . and I'll explore your YT channel.

  • Thank you Pop it up. I appreciate your comments. Lennon is one of my heroes and I love this song. Cheers, HV

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