Bookmark - Collaboration with Sketch

This is a collaboration with Sketch. He came up with the lyrics and I did the music.

Hope you like it.

Title: Bookmark

Track time: 03:48 Tempo: 120 BPM

Verse 1

Thoughts today - like a stack of books

Stories never finished

Dig through the pile - flip to a page

Fever now diminished


A bookmark on my mind;

A quote without citation

Did I get it right?

Quell my aggravation

Verse 2

Weeks go by - maybe was a year

Up a ladder to the top shelf

That dusty book - in the corner

When I lay my hands on it - I'll calm myself


A bookmark on my mind;

A quote without citation

Did I get it right?

Quell my aggravation


Feel the paper - the smell of leather

Pipe in a tray - smoked years ago

Worn out Persian rug - stained a little bit

Heavy curtains - hang in a row

Verse 3

Yellowed pages and dog-eared corners

Cryptic notes, in the margin

A page torn out - what did it say?

Thought I saw that yesterday

Verse 4

Where's that book? - I remember the cover

Bold white letters on a dark red spine

No, that's not it - maybe that one...

Borrowed book? - nope, that one's mine

Chorus (2x)

A bookmark on my mind;

A quote without citation

Did I get it right?

Quell my aggravation (2x)

© Michael Odom/Steve Lundgren 2023


  • I can't hear the vocals. They are way back in the mix.

  • Dang it. Sorry you feel that way. I honestly think it's a good mix.

  • I hear a lot of reverb, Talking no singing. Post with out all the reverb/delay. I cant hear the vocal.

  • Can't say that I agree with @Autopart101. You have to like the genre, which I do. The mix sounds pretty good to me. Glad to see Sketch is on the scene. This is a great collaboration guys. Good song..I really enjoyed it😀

  • Cool song! I like the concept of thoughts like books in an old library, stumbling across things from long ago.

    The musical is cool too, a little more towards a ballad than some of your others - it's a good fit to the lyric.

    And lovely to hear Sketch is still about and collabing with you!

    Good stuff. I enjoyed that! 😁

  • I enjoyed it. The music is very atmospheric. The lyric is cool. I'm not entirely sure they fit comfortably together. It seems to me that the lyric calls for a more conversational tone, while the music, which I really like, is more dreamy. That aside, as I said, I enjoyed this. Great collaboration.

  • Yeah a book chapter song . You did a good job

  • This feels a little like it fits in a bigger story. I can imagine it as a piece in a movie. The visuals are really nice - I can picture the whole song as I listen. I like the feel of the music and vocals. It has a dreamy feel which feels like a good fit with the lyrics. There was some techno type music in the bridge that felt off.

    This collaboration is a super pleasant surprise. I enjoyed the listen very much. So nice to hear your collab with Sketch!

  • Hey guys. Sorry for the late responses. Family duties have kept me away for a while.

    I appreciate all the comments!

  • Hi @samiamiamsam

    I was absent for this 1 first time around. A cool sound you've got here in the mix, kinda lo-fi and I think it serves the lyrics and music well. I particularly like the little guitar solo.

    Nice job you two,


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