Joni Mitchell: River

Perhaps the saddest Christmas song ever........


  • Wonderful song! That's a nice version of it, though no one's going to hold a torch to Joni.

    BTW I'd ask you to post only 1 track per day, so everyone get's a chance to have their song heard. I imagine you've got a backlog of these available! Happy to hear them all in due course!

  • Fair enough........and thanks!

  • icystorm
    edited April 12

    I must admit, I'd never heard the original track by Joni Mitchell, at least not that I can recall. So, I actually heard your version. As Owen mentioned, you created a good cover of it. Nice work! 😀

  • Very Nice Sir. James Taylor may come and look for you.... Cheers

  • Lovely. I like your take on it and enjoyed it fully. Makes me want to cover it too. Cheers, HV

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