Alternate lyrics.

When I register with ASCAP or copyright a lyric, how can I indicate that it can be sung with alternate lyrics. For example, a word with an alternate in a different language. Or give the singer / singers the choice to use either "I" or "we" Could I register the lyric like this: "I (we) love you." Maybe it doesn't matter, since I assume that if I registered the song using "I" then someone couldn't register the same lyrics just substituting "we", correct?


  • I don't use ASCAP, so I can only offer an opinion here rather than knowledge. I think you're fine re copyright. Substituting "we" for "I" or similar is not a significant or substantial change from the original lyric.

    In terms of actually letting an artist know that you've got alternate lyrics available, I would probably do what you are suggesting though I don't know if there is any particular protocol for it.

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