In my life (Beatles cover)

Hi all,

Even on wintry nights, dusk in nature provides a respite from my crazy job. My friend Eve took this video last week. I am learning how to fingerpick my chords rather than strum and this is my first night going for it. I hope to improve with time and will increase the volume. Can't wait for spring temps to make it easier on my fingers.

Hope you're all doing great!




  • Looks cold! It's a lovely song and I enjoyed your rendition of it.

  • You get extra points just for playing the cold. I don't know if I could play without feeling my fingers! This is nice rendition. I do wish it was louder of course but you've got a great voice. I like what you're starting to do with the finger picking. Keep at it.

  • Hi @highvibrational,

    A charming rendition and I really like the tone of the guitar and you're little 'mini scat' (I was going to say 'bum-ing' but they might mean something else 😁!) during the break.


  • Thank you all. Bum bumming is my way of getting through that solo. Carbon fiber tone is great plugged in . Spring is around the corner and I'm looking forward to having full usage of my digits. :)

  • Playing in winter outdoors is tough.

    Very nicely done. Sounds like very fun!

    The temps are getting much better!

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