Accidentally reviewing a song twice!!

I'm not aware of actually having done this, though it doesn't mean I haven't! My worse nightmare, here or on the other forums, is reviewing someone's song and saying how much I really like it and then, when I've had time to forget about it, reviewing it again and totally slating everything about it!!😂!! This ever happen to anyone?


  • It's the risk we take in this crazy life of ours @ChrisPrice . Just remember , we didn't chose it, it chose us - and that's got to count for something, somewhere down this dusty, cracked old road. 😁

    Nah, I can't say it's happened yet. One's enjoyment of a track can be greatly affected by mood, though. I don't think I'd slag off someone's song though (and I'm sure you wouldn't either), even if I wasn't a fan. There's always positives to be found and guidance to give, in art.

    I wonder if it would be preferable to reviewed positively first and then negatively second or negatively first and then positively second? Food for thought - to the thought chamber - come Pipkin, we have thinkin' to do!*


    *No I don't know what I'm on about either.

  • No, I wouldn't actually slag off anyone's efforts either. If something like this happened to me, I'd just see the funny side of it, but I can imagine some spectacular flame wars involving some our more excitable souls! Positive or negative feedback first? Hmm, now there's a conundrum...🤔

  • I've had times when i've listened to a track and thought: have I heard this one before? But being unable to remember anything I said last time just gone ahead and put my thoughts down as they were at the time. I've never had anyone complain that I did a 360 degree turn, so hopefully I've not offended anyone!

  • I like this post very much, Chris. You tackled an important subject with great sensitivity. We can all learn from your putative struggle with forgetfulness. I enjoyed the post so much that I went back and read it again.

  • Just read your post, Chris, I have seldom read anything so stupid. you must be a complete doofus to even think anyone would comment twice on the same thing. i know I would never do so, and I find it a bit offensive that you even ask the question.

  • Nonsense @OnlyGavin and you know it.

  • Spot on @OnlyGavin - well said

  • Ha ha...What post. I never posted anything, or did I? 'Doofus'? I never heard that word before but I rather like it! Hey, I'm gonna head right over to another forum and pick someone at random and call them a complete doofus and see what happens!! 😂

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