Collab with Adi - Photograph, Ed Sheeran Cover by Clarissa

This is a collab project with Adi aka "the dead soul".

Collab work with Adiatma Siregar.

Adi from KVR added all instrumentation, and mixed with original acoustic guitar and vocals from Rene and Clarissa.

Thank you for this superb collab Adi!!! 


Feedback is much appreciated. Thank you



  • Great sound! Clarissa's voice is always a joy to hear, and this is such a good song.

    Adi has done an excellent job on the other instrumentation.

    You're not wearing headphones, so I'm guessing you and Clarissa recorded your part first, then Adi added the rest later. If so, you did a good job keeping to time! Usually the drums/rhythm would be laid down first to get that timing spot on and the rest overlaid.

    Not sure how you were recording your parts, but the only issue I can see is the guitar is in a different space acoustically to the rest. It feels like it's being recorded in a different room re echo/reverb (which it was!). Then in the latter half the guitar is almost lost in the mix as the other instruments take over. But the overall sound is still very good.

    Lovely to do collabs with others - hope you enjoyed it!

  • Another very nice video and recording, Rene! It has a smooth, relaxing vibe! Your great acoustic guitar work, Clarissa's wonderful vocals, and the additions by Adi made the song very enjoyable to listen to! Very nice work, all of you!!! 😀

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