What are you listening to?

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Belinda Carlisle - You're Nothing Without Me (1991) -- uptempo, driving poprock track


David Lanz - Reverie (1993) - relaxing new age piano instrumental


Benjamin Orr - Stay The Night (1986) - well-crafted poprock track


These songs all remind me of my sweetheart from much younger days. She was beautiful and she would play the piano and sing to me.

So, what is everyone else listening to? 🙂


  • Billy_Lunch_Money
    Billy_Lunch_Money Leicester, England!

    WINDHAND - Diablerie - is my flavour of the month. It's a doom metal song and it's not going to be everyones cup of tea.https://youtu.be/2JhVTnU8MnI

    Nik kershaw - Wouldn't it be good is an old classic I keep coming back to. I must have been 10years when it came out!?https://youtu.be/cTLTG4FTNBQ

  • icystorm
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    Anni-Frid Lyngstad (Frida) - I Know There's Something Going On


    Cool euro-rock track from Frida of Abba in 1982. Phil Collins produced the song, played drums, and added backing vocals.

    Kate Bush - Experiment IV


    A cool song from 1986 with a definitive 80s sound. I believe the video was partially banned in the UK at the time due to the "violent" theme. By today's standards, it's tame.

    Robert Plant - Heaven Knows


    Robert Plant had a few mainstream rock hits in the 80s, well after his Led Zeppelin days with Jimmy Page. This track from 1988 was one of his solo hits. Interesting lyrics!

  • OnlyGavin
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    Francis Cabrel - Samedi soir sur la terre (Saturday night on earth). So atmospheric. It helps to know French but even without it, it's wonderful. (It's just about two people meeting and the inevitability of what follows). And when the sax comes in near the end....! I keep coming back to this song.


  • Some recent ones:

    Kovacs: "Bang Bang" and "Love Parasite"

    Neo-torch singing, if there is such a thing:


    Ellen Foley: "What's a Matter Baby"

    Ellen should have been a star, pipes and presence:


    Dex Romweber: 'Trouble of the World"

    Gothic Americana from Carrboro, North Carolina:


    Hillbilly Moon Explosion: "Jackson"

    Swiss Rockabilly/Country with a bit of punk thrown in:


    Til Lindemann/David Garrett: "Alle Tage ist Kein Sontag"

    Lindemann, lead singer of "Rammstein", pursues very interesting things on the side:


    Ana Vidovic: "Recuerdos De La Alhambra"

    Superb player with a kind of reserved emotion in her interpretations:


    Chumbawamba: 'We Don't Go to God's House Anymore"

    The Chumbas produced wonderful albums after "Tubthumping":



  • icystorm
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    Quarterflash - Harden My Heart


    Catchy rock track from 1981 with cool sax solos from the lead singer, Rindy Ross.

    Pat Methany Group - [It's Just] Talk


    Uptempo new age track from 1987. This song was routinely featured on The Weather Channel while the local forecast rolled on the screen. LOL!

    Dave Brubeck - Take Five


    Classic jazz tune from Dave Brubeck. I loved listening to this song when my girlfriend and I would sometimes drive along the California coast from Ventura to Santa Barbara in August of 1993 late at night with the windows down. The summer temperatures were always very chilly by the ocean at night! Good times and good memories.

  • ElvisNash
    ElvisNash Calif
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    Just Lawyers and accountants , They're not much on dreams

  • I’m basically all over the place.

    Alice In Chains-Rooster

    It helped inspire what I wrote this morning.

    One of my favorite country songs:

    David Allan Coe- A Sad Country Song


    My favorite artist ever: George Jones-
    Back Down to Hung Up on You


    And my love for oldies brings me to this version of a Sam Cooke classic:

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