Turn Off These Lights

Hi Everyone..............here's a song that I would love to hear your comments on. As usual, your first impressions are most welcome.


“Turn Off These Lights”

By Tom Togna


I’m sleeping with the lights on

I keep the radio on

‘Cause I can’t stand this empty room

You once wrote, your leaving

And all the pain I’m grieving

Will be behind me, one day soon

But, still I can’t forget you

No matter how I try

I wish I could forget you, and turn off these lights

Most nights, I’m up all hours

Wondering if she’s ours

Was that new baby in your plan?

Now, I know I’ve been drinking

But, how long were you thinking

I was more a tool, than your man? 


But, still I can’t forget you

No matter how I try

I wish I could forget you, and turn off these lights

Thoughts bump in the night, they circle me like a starving shark

While memories, of her, bite at me from the dark…….

……and so,

I’m sleeping with the lights on 

I keep the radio on 

‘Cause I can’t stand this empty room 

Your favorite song keeps playing

And, while it’s just me saying

I’d swear I’m smelling your perfume

But, still I can’t forget you

No matter how I try

I wish I could forget you, and turn off these lights


  • icystorm
    edited January 2023

    Cool song, Tom! I liked it and enjoyed listening! Nice acoustic guitar work! Your lyrics paint the dreary story of the guy's troubled life. I'm sure many can relate.

  • Very emotional song, and your vocals carry the pain and all the emotions.

    Well written songs, and the words are very natural, and the melody is so nice!

    Your guitar playing is perfectly laid!!!

    Thanks for sharing this beauty!


  • Good song. Held my attention the whole way through.

    I like the ending. I thought is was going to be abrupt, but then it came back with that finger-picked fade out - that's nice.

    My only suggestion would be around the bridge. I feel like it could emphasize the "turn off the lights" hook more.

    Like: if only I could turn off the lights...

    The starving shark feels a bit out of context there as well.

    But otherwise, good stuff!

  • Wow. Nice work. Great Voice and range. Guitar work is at a high level. I was pulled in. Made me wish we could have an acoustic Jam together.

  • Another great song Tom. I like what you do because there's a lot of variation - you don't stick with just one one trick. I love the acoustic guitar as always. Yeah, great track.😀

  • Very nice all around. The beautiful guitar and vocals deliver a perfect mood for the lyrics. I like the part about the baby. It elevates the story from another, 'she left me, and I miss her'. I enjoyed the listen very much.

  • MoraAmaroLaLoba
    MoraAmaroLaLoba Madrid (Spain)

    Hola @IronKnee

    I love the guitar, your breath gives it a ver intimate color.

    Very good story, so good lyrics and the delivery of the voice is fantastic!!!  The chorus is really catchy!

  • Thank you all for listening and all your encouraging comments!

    I really appreciate it.

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