The Storm - collaboration with Nathan Gerry

I joined the random collaboration thread during 50/90 and was so lucky to be paired with Nathan. I sent him the lyrics and he performed this in one take. I hope you like it. All crits welcome.

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The Storm

Lyrics: Andrea Brennan

Music and vocals: Nathan Gerry


I fear the dark clouds

Hanging over my head

Thunder is booming

My sight turning red

Obscuring the path

To what lies, what lies ahead


Press myself forward

The progress is slow

I stumble and fall

From bumps in the road

I turn a new corner

But there's still, a long way to go


You are the storm

That turns day to night

Inside the darkness

There is no light

You are the storm

I try to fight

I'm holding

Holding on for dear life


Rain washes over me

Cleansing my mind

I open my eyes

No longer blind


I am the storm

That turns day to night

Inside the darkness

There is no light

I am the storm

I need to fight

And I'm holding

Holding on for my life


  • I like that a lot!

    It's a strong lyric, and Nathan has done it justice with great music and a wonderful performance.

    Would love to hear this with a full production, but it sounds great already!

  • This is a fabulous song. Nathan's great voice and guitar work so well with these words. I like the sparse arrangement as it is, though I too can imagine a full production. If Nathan can do something as soulful as this in one take, then the possibilities are huge. A great collaboration.😀

  • That’s a great song. Awesome collaboration from you two.
    Your lyrics are always insightful and thought provoking.
    I’m not familiar with your collaborator, but his vocals and guitar playing is wonderful.
    I actually like the minimalistic production on this. I think it fits the tone just right.
  • Deep words, and lovely melody!

    The guitar and vocals are perfectly executed, love this recording, very bare and so precious!

    We are the storm, and we need to be careful what we deliver to others as we pour out.

    Well done!

  • MoraAmaroLaLoba
    MoraAmaroLaLoba Madrid (Spain)

    Hola @Andrea

    Wow!! I get impresseddddd!!! I really like the authentic sound, the guitar sounds great and the voice has a plane that I love, present but covered by lguitaarra.

    Very good lyric and very good collaboration. Congratulations

  • Thank you so much @RainyDayMan , @ChrisPrice ,@samiamiamsam ,@ReneAsologuitar , and @MoraAmaroLaLoba !

    You all made my day with your wonderful and positive comments!!

    I was impressed with Nathan's performance. I feel like he tapped right into the lyrics perfectly.

    Owen and Chris: It would be cool to hear this with a full production, but I doubt that will happen, unless someone else offers. As typical with 50/90, the song stands as is unless there is an agreement to work on it afterwards. Nathan was super busy, and I was happy with the song he made, so we had no agreement.

  • Nathan what a talent, I am moved ! You've brought Andrea's awesome lyric alive with such passion . . . inspires me to collaborate more, WOW !

    Everybody wants to hear the big production, but this is the big production, tapping the raw emotions, simplicity . . . but, if it came to my local theatre, I would be the guy in lower left orchestra with tears running down my face, . .

    Thanks for posting here, will be back for more visits.

  • Another great song, Andrea!!! I enjoyed the atmosphere and vibe of the song! Your lyrics combined with Nathan's music and vocals are a winner! Really good stuff! Keep the good songs coming. 😀



  • Thanks so much for your comments @popitup! I am so thrilled that you were moved by the Storm. Nathan knocked it out of the park. I will be sure to pass along the feedback to Nathan so he can enjoy it too :)

  • Thanks Joseph, @icystorm ! I always appreciate your comments and thoughts. You are very kind :)

  • dchip
    dchip New Zealand

    Great song. Awesome lyrics and music. Brilliant performance. I love it.

  • Billy_Lunch_Money
    Billy_Lunch_Money Leicester, England!

    Oh my! It's amazing!

  • Thank you so much @dchip and @Billy_Lunch_Money

    I am all smiles reading your comments!

  • Has a wonderful improv "feel" about it. Sounds very natural. A Great collab.

    Super performance. Great lyrics, as well!!

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