Fool's Gold

Fool's Gold

Written and performed by Peter Lyons

Looking out the window

Through the cracks in the blinds

Sipping my coffee

In the morning sunshine

Not gonna lie

I'm enjoying my time

Strumming my guitar

Making up rhymes

I gave up worryin’

A long time ago

About all those things

That I cannot control

I turn off the TV

Put down the phone

I live my best my best life

By being alone

Some people think,

Well ain’t that a shame

How can you win

If you don’t play the game

Buy a new car

Shiny and new

If that don’t make you happy

Maybe buy two

Fools goldWhat’s it all mean

Is it a joke or a lie

I’ve seen too many things

Too many tears in these eyes

To love is to lose

To lose is to cry

To hurt is to live

To live is to die

I called into work

This time for good

I made a new life

Deep in the woods

Now I’m living off the map

Where I can’t be found

I do my best livin

When there’s no one around

Some people say

Well ain’t it a shame

I knocked on your door

And nobody came

Well let yourself in

And Have a ball

Load up the truck

You can take it all

Cause it’s fool’s Gold

I found some yellow rocks

In a cool running stream

I hit the motherlode

And I was living the dream

I filled up a mansion

With the fanciest things

I made a lot of friends

My wealth was obscene

I paid a lotta taxes

And I gave to the poor

No matter how much

They always need more

I bought a lot of stock

I gambled and played

I never met a dollar

I thought could be saved

I lost all my money

My friends my new wife

I had to get back

To a simpler life

Playing the blues

Deep in the woods

Back to my shack

This time for good

Some people think

well ain’t it a shame

He died all alone

And nobody came

He spent his whole fortune

On everyone else

when be needed a hand

Nobody helped

That Fool’s Gold

Won’t keep you warm in the cold

Easy come, easy go


  • Great guitar works.

    Love the vocals and the natural beauty of the words and instrumentation.

    I am enjoying this recording.


  • Great groove there with some lovely guitar over it. Chorus rocks!

    Nice message, and the lyric flows well, but the music is the star for me!

  • I grew up listening to this kind of music so no complaints from me! Great lyrics and some cool guitar playing. Keep em comin'!

  • Very cool song with a catchy groove, Pete! Good stuff! Keep the good songs coming in 2023!



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