Commenting on other people's songs

Many people find giving feedback difficult, but it's what we all come here for.

Remember you are only offering an opinion.

Every member is asked to comment on 2 other songs for each one they post themselves.

Be respectful to other members at all times.

Comment on the song, not the songwriter. Personal attacks of any kind are unacceptable

Negative feedback is legitimate and helpful, but try to be as specific and constructive as you can, including a suggestion for how to improve the song if possible.

Try to be balanced. What did you like about the song? What did you dislike about it? What stood out the most?

Things to consider in your feedback:

  • What was your overall reaction to the song?
  • Is the title memorable?
  • Does the title summarize the song?
  • Is there a unique hook to the song?
  • How strong is the chorus (if there is one)
  • Is there a definite mood to the song? If so, what is it?
  • Is there an identifiable structure to the song in terms of verses, chorus, bridge, solo, outro etc
  • Is there a story in the lyric? If so does it progress during the song?
  • Is a rhyming scheme used? Is it consistent? Too simple or complex?
  • Is visual imagery used in the song? How effective is it?
  • Do the melody and the lyric match?
  • How strong is the melody? Did it hold your attention?
  • What instruments were used? Are there any that could be added / removed / swapped
  • Can you hear all the instruments and vocals clearly? How is the balance between them?
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