Ugly to the bone

abc4 Northwest arkansas

Hey everybody, here is a song I wrote many years ago on a fast food bag while going to work. I am posting only the lyrics. I have a melody, but would be interested in someone else writing a tune for it. If this is something you would like to do, please help yourself ! Thanks to all of you, this is a lot of fun for me !

Ugly to the bone

V-1 She was a bleach blonde in a Lexus, and her license plate said Texas

but she wasn't quite the looker, that she thought she was

but for fun I said "ain't you cute " and she gave me that one finger salute

and then I remembered the words my Mama said "Beauty is as beauty does "

Chorus- Well you better leave this one alone, you may as well go home

'cause if beauty is as beauty does, she's ugly to the bone

Forget those hips and lips, those legs and silicone

don't care what she looks like, she's ugly to the bone

To the bone, to the bone, don't matter what she looks like, she's ugly to the bone

V-2 Well I stopped off at a bar and there was that woman from the car

and she still wasn't the looker, that she thought she was

and as she left the place, she threw her drink into my face

and again I remembered the words my Mama said " Beauty is as beauty does "


Bridge- As much as I've been burned, you think I would have learned

that sometimes it's better to be alone, 'cause beauty that's only skin deep

can sometimes hide a nasty creep, but ugly goes clean to the bone

Chorus and out.

Feel free to make as many changes as you like, have fun, thanks !



  • Way to go!

    Beautiful writing, and looks so fun.

    I am interested to see how the melody-makers here can make this song alive.

    Warm regards.


  • abc4
    abc4 Northwest arkansas

    Thanks for the kind words. All I really want is for other people to sing my songs, what could be better than that ?

  • Nice! Love the message, and it's packaged up nicely here.

    Well done. 😄

  • I like this. It flows well and is fun. I think maybe the reason for her throwing her drink in his face needs fleshed out a little. It doesn't ring true that she would do this just because in an earlier encounter he called her cute. Maybe he tries to say hello to her?

  • I really like the hook. It is memorable and used perfectly in the lyrics. This sould make a super fun song!

    IMO, it works better if the woman is actually a 'looker'. Gorgeous on the outside, but ugly inside. It fits better with him describing her parts he can't forget too.

    I agree with @OnlyGavin that her throwing her drink in his face doesn't feel explained well. I like it though, so I hope you can make it fit :)

  • abc4
    abc4 Northwest arkansas

    Thanks, I knew it was not quite all there yet. Like I said, I would love to have others join in. I have a melody, but I am just not sure about it. This is just a fun piece,I am not that attached to any song I write, if someone can do better arraingment or improve it in any, I love it ! I was not sure if I should do anything else with this, but maybe I will add another verse and fill in the blanks.Thank you all so much.

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