1/ We all have limits, so we’re told.
We never test them, we grow old.
Then, all of a sudden, they were right.

“Because I said so,” was never good enough for me.
To learn your limits, you have to push some boundaries.

Boundaries, though, are just a lie,
Set by those too scared to try.
To keep you in a box.
Fuck that box.
Set your own limits./1


Limits are a fuckin lie,
Set by those too scared to try,
But me, I refuse to die,
Until I know my limits.

//2 We do have limits, this is true
But were your limits set for you?
If so, you don’t know your limits.
They’re not even yours.
You’re immature.

My boundaries will be set by me,
I wont live another’s lie.
I don’t fit in their box anyway.
Fuck their box.
I’m claustrophobic.//2


Limits are a fuckin lie,
So don’t be afraid to try,
Refuse to die, until.
You know your limits.

///3 I know my limits, my kids are told.
Because I’ve tested them, by being unafraid.
The details I leave out for now, safe to say I’ve been around.
I am not ashamed. I’m proud.
But protective.

My limits were not set for me, I always wrote my destiny.
Sometimes even recklessly, but always unafraid.
That I tell them. Proudly.

I’m not done, in fact, I’ve just begun.
I’m still testing my limits.
I can’t fucking wait to find them.
Or die trying. ///3


Limits are a fucking lie,
Set by those who live a lie.
I refuse to live that life,
I’ll know my limits.
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