Whiter Shade of Pale


  • Lovely picking on this, really captures that essence of the sound, but I do miss the full instrumentation!

  • Procol Harum was one of my favourite bands way back. This was their most well known song but there was so much more to them. Their leader Gary Brooker checked out last year and their fabulous lyricist Keith Reid died the other week so this is quite fitting. A nice version too. A daring thing to do on an acoustic guitar. But I agree with RDM - I miss the full instrumentation - the Hammond organ (Matthew Fisher) is essential.

  • A cool cover of a classic song from 1967. I always thought the original version of this song was a little ahead of its time, as it could easily be mistaken for early 70s genre, at least to my ears. You did it justice with only an acoustic guitar and good vocals. Nice work! i enjoyed listening. 😀

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