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Never Forget This Summer

Verse 1:

I’d never been in love

Until the month of June

She was walking on the beach

And I didn’t have a clue

That she would change my world

And show me I could be happy

We held hands on the boardwalk

I just loved to hear

Her Southern drawl

And as I pulled her near

I knew I’d never forget this summer


She was my first love

I wish you could’ve met her

A one of a kind

Blonde-haired, blue-eyed stunner

I know I’ll never forget,

Never forget this summer

Verse 2:

All through July

We kissed in our beach house

Wonder what to make so long to get

This feeling of love I’ve found

It’s halfway done

But I’ll hold on as hard as I can

‘Cause I know when me and her separate

I’ll find a forever love

Someone who will stay

So I’ll never forget,

Never forget this summer



That August we knew our time together was coming to an end

As I held her she whispered,

“We can still be friends…”

Still be friends...

I know someday

I’ll fall in love again

I’ll never forget

Never forget this Summer

Chorus (x2):


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Reminds me of Endless Summer a movie I saw when I was young

TSF Administrator

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I like the overall feel of this.
The chorus feels strong, and I like "Never forget this summer" as a hook and title.

I think talking about the relationship ending in v2 is too early. I'd go for:
- how it started it June
- how it blossomed in July
- how it ended in August
which is already close to what you have

The bridge works well though. I'd let that be the point where the listener hears things are ending.

Wonder what to make so long to get
That line feels out. Maybe:
Why'd it take so long to get

I like the repeat on:
Still be friends...
that's a kidney punch right there!

M.P. Dudash

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I think maybe adding some more detail might be key on this one. I feels like a twist on Deanna Carter’s Strawberry Wine

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