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 Posted: Mon Apr 18th, 2011 02:51 pm
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terrypicker wrote: terrypicker wrote: terrypicker wrote: Roy Harris wrote: Rick Leather is on the Billy Dean Writers Block that me and James belong to.  Yes, I think he is from Canada and James has worked with him some.  He is very talented.  The Gaithrs sound fine to me Rick.  Have you got their phone number? :) We have someone tentatively scheduled to do this, but it may be awhile.
Let me check my speed dial Roy! :)  My wife was in communication with Mark Lowry at one point.  Maybe she can still get in touch with him.  I'll check. :)

I sent off a couple of emails Roy. :) seems like everbody wants to sell me something, Imagine that! :)  I'll keep diggin around.  I think I know a gal who knows a guy, who once met a guy who said he was Gloria's 13th cousin, on her Uncles side.  We ought to make it a priority mission, to find some contact people for some of the Christian music industry. I'll keep looking Roy! :)  

Roy here's a link that lists contact info for Gaither Publishing.  There's other publisher contact info listed as well. :)

Might also check with Lowell Lundstrum Ministies.  They are a great music making bunch too!  :)  They have a college and every form of ministry you can imagine!  I met Lowell years ago when I was into the music ministry. He came into Vernal, Utah, while me & a couple of singers were rehearsing in our church auditorium, he stopped and listened for a short spell, before his Roadies drove us off the stage. lol :)  Anyways I visited with him and gave him a ride to the motel where he and his Huge convoy of people were to be staying.  They came into town with 2 huge tour busses.  I had just bought some old rattletrap chevy suburban that had a vapor lock problem!  Hee, hee, hee.:D  On the way into town we were talking church business and that old truck started vapor locking.  He'd say something about ministry and that old engine would start surging, he'd stop talkin about church and ask, "Are we gonna make it to the motel in this thing?" :D  It was a fun time and I did get him where he was going.  Great man!  I've used his music over the years from time to tme.  Anyways, enough for memory Ln. :) Here's his ministry link.

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