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 Posted: Mon Apr 18th, 2011 02:21 pm
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terrypicker wrote: terrypicker wrote: Roy Harris wrote: Rick Leather is on the Billy Dean Writers Block that me and James belong to.  Yes, I think he is from Canada and James has worked with him some.  He is very talented.  The Gaithrs sound fine to me Rick.  Have you got their phone number? :) We have someone tentatively scheduled to do this, but it may be awhile.
Let me check my speed dial Roy! :)  My wife was in communication with Mark Lowry at one point.  Maybe she can still get in touch with him.  I'll check. :)

I sent off a couple of emails Roy. :) seems like everbody wants to sell me something, Imagine that! :)  I'll keep diggin around.  I think I know a gal who knows a guy, who once met a guy who said he was Gloria's 13th cousin, on her Uncles side.  We ought to make it a priority mission, to find some contact people for some of the Christian music industry. I'll keep looking Roy! :)  

Roy here's a link that lists contact info for Gaither Publishing.  There's other publisher contact info listed as well. :)

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