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 Posted: Thu Apr 22nd, 2010 12:42 pm
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Andy, just so folks won't think I'm trying to takeover your song, I'd like for them to know that you have asked me do to what I'm doing here on your thread in the way of offering you some songwriting tips and that I didn't just take it on myself to come here and rip your song apart. With that said, in answer to your latest question....

....yes, even though the verses have now been combined you do still need to correct the rhyming scheme, it will make the song flow more evenly when singing it. As I said in my above post....rhyme either every other line or rhyme them back to back, but I think you have a good thing going with every other line so if it were my song I would stick with that, this is the general rule of thumb anyway. Songs sometimes only have 6 lines in their verses but the rule for rhyming changes when you do it this way and keep in mind there are other types of songs structures too, but I can only tell you about the ones I'm personally familiar with. However, I'll have to tell you about them later because right now I'm late for work. LOL But maybe while I'm at work today someone will see this and be so kind as to explain it to you. :)

Folks, Andy told me he really and honestly want's to learn how to do this songwriting thing we all love so much, so if you feel inclined, please offer him any advice and songwriting tips you feel will help him further learn it. Thanks. :) 

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