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 Posted: Thu Dec 31st, 2009 09:41 pm
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I really like the idea behind this and the basic foundation of the song. I think this could be a very powerful song with the structure and arrangement.

I was a little confused by the "all hope is gone" verse. That really threw me for a loop since you posted it in gospel lyrics. I could see how that would fit with a more secular tune, but in a gospel song it doesn't make sense unless you were to explain it in some way as a loss of faith, and then a subsequent renewal of faith. But there's really not enough in the lyrics to suggest that.

But, bottom line, the song works for me. I'd love to see you flesh it out a bit more. I think it could be quite powerful.


Sometimes I like to think on
All the places that I've been.
How I learned the lessons of my life
I wouldn't want to learn again.
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