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 Posted: Fri Dec 4th, 2009 10:52 am
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Very nice Owen, very nice indeed. I love your lyric, I think you did a fantastic job on it and piano behind this kind of song is perfect! Peter did a really beautiful job as well.  But the thing I like the most about it is the feeling you put into it as you were singing this one. That too was very nicely done. My only nit is the same as Roy's and Art's using the two words in the line mentioned. They're kind of a no-no here in the states for those of us who believe in God, so I suppose that's why we're a little touchy about seeing the two of them togther in such a beautful and heartfelt song as this. But I can clearly see that you were trying to make a statement by using them in the way you have used them, that's completely understood, however, again I agree with Roy that a song such as this one, where someone is seeking redemption,  probably wouldn't go over in song here in the states. of course, I'm not trying to speak for everybody here in the states though, so some may see it as 'good words of choice' to say what you are wanting to convey in that line.  But other than that I think this has now become my favorite song of yours.  :) 

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