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 Posted: Thu Dec 3rd, 2009 12:59 am
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Hi Owen,

Nice work on this. I like the piano work Tom did.... It compliments the vocal well. I like the way you placed the rhyming here:

Night is closing in, and a cold wind is blowing
Now I’ve left behind the whisky and the fire that it brings
Salvation’s out of sight, regret is but a token
Apologies unspoken won’t change a god damn thing

Though my time may be up before I’m home
I’ll take this road as far as I can go
One foot front the other down redemption road
One foot front the other down redemption road

I’m too old to be a sinner, too guilty to be free
May the grace of forgiveness be granted to me

Regrets don’t change a life, but they give a man direction
With the time that’s given to me I’ll undo what can be done
May the good lord give me strength, and bring me to my senses
To face my consequences before my race is run

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