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 Posted: Fri Jul 16th, 2021 07:55 pm
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Elvis Nash

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Ridin’ into work, I’m hittin’ nothin’ but red lights
Prius cuts me off and I’m ready to fist fight
Cuz my hot black coffee’s burnin thru my jeans now
Thank God I got the radio to calm me down

I take a 3-minute vacation when I hear me a Country song
Puts me right in a vibe and I’m good as gone
Summers at the lake starry nights above
Got my girl and a blanket on the tailgate of my truck
It’s a little bit of right when my day goes wrong
Hearing a country song I take a 3-minute vacation

"Walking downtown through construction zones"
People all around talkin' loud on their cell phones
It’s too much city for this back woods boy
I put my earbuds in to drown out the noise


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