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 Posted: Tue Jun 1st, 2021 01:32 pm
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I'm working on the pre-demo phase of my new song "Only Fire, No Sun". The vocals at this stage were recorded on a cheap headset, not my usual high-quality mic with pre-amp and air screen. The vocals will be recorded again later after I work out the final arrangement. So, this is definitely a work-in-progress.

My question is about the arrangement. In the pre-demo, after the bridge, I go directly to the chorus/outro, but I'm considering following the bridge with the second pre-chorus (or maybe an instrumental middle), then the chorus/outro. Does anyone have any thoughts about that?

bridge then chorus/outro


bridge, then repeat pre-chorus 2, then chorus/outro


bridge, then instrumental middle, then chrous/outro

This is a fast-paced, high-energy rock song of the mid-80s genre. These are the final lyrics that I decided on and I'm happy with. When I complete a full demo and video soon, I'll post those in the music database forum. Many thanks to everyone for suggestions regarding the arrangement! :)


Only Fire, No Sun
Words and Music: Joseph Spain
Produced by: Joseph Spain
© 2021 Joseph Spain

--Verse 1
Evil paves your road to suffer
her truths and lies
The teacher draws your lesson
burns it into your eyes

-- Pre-chorus 1
Autumn's winds will reach you
(her zephyr will burn)
And her tides will teach you
(the lessons you'll learn)
And her storms will break you
(you will know)
All the way down
Where her stairs descend
You will go

-- Chorus
Feel the pain of her flame
Your first warning
Taste her kiss
In her spell you are falling
Pledge your soul on the wrong side of midnight
Follow her dark and you'll know
Only fire, no sun
Only fire, no sun

--Verse 2
You've got to taste her skin
It's a fever that burns inside
Wrapped inside her flesh it's too late
to escape or die

-- Pre-chorus 2
Autumn's voice hypnotized you
(you're lost in her maze)
Her rough touch energized you
(your heart is her slave)
All her dark possessed you
(you are hers)
All the way down
Where her chains lead you
You will go


-- Bridge
She draws blood with her nails through my heart
that only spills love for her
Lights my dark with the rings on her sun till I'm blind
I won't escape her desire
I can't resist and I don't deny her
It's so wrong to be hers
while she's not mine

[repeat chorus / outro]

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