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 Posted: Sat May 1st, 2021 04:05 pm
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thanks Andrea for stopping and taking time to comment.
I didn`t want to say to much to see if the listener could figure it out with just the small lyric and music. I`ll see something on tv, or in life and hurry to write a little something..and a little music, I don`t think I have one of these songs that run over 3:00 mins. iy was a true story, but not personal. Any thing I put out here on the boards you welcome to jump right in with any thoughts, all that does is help me, sometimes hurts a little but thats ok this song and the story behind it;
I was sitting with a show on and I have three daughters, I could very easily relate to this, I would be me I thought.

the story: guy lost his daughter to a killer,
He built a bench in Her honor where she died
and they found her body. He would always sit there..
They say He died of a broken heart.
they found him on that bench, passed away. true story, A+E
Arts and Entertainment.
I almost got to 2 mins
thanks Andrea again for taking time to stop in. Lane

"Blessed are the words of truth and fiction,
one might save you from the other...Vincent
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