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 Posted: Wed Apr 7th, 2021 03:38 pm
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Thanks to everyone who offered a response as an analysis from multiple perspectives of experience certainly helps. Though I believe @RainyDayMan offered the most probable, accurate analysis on the subject company as I continued my research.

RainyDayMan wrote:
I don't have any experience with Majestic Records specifically. I'd search for reviews on their service.

I've seen other sites that offer to set your lyrics to music. Generally they do that to a reasonable standard.
They don't market your song to artists or publishers, they just send you back a recording for a fee - and that can work fine if that's what you are expecting. But don't believe they will turn it into a hit and make you rich.

If they doing it cheaply, then it stands to reason they are trying to churn these out relying on volume for their profit. That means they are likely re-using chord sequences and styles with minimal adjustments to make it work for your lyric rather than crafting something unique. In that case I would still expect the recording quality to be reasonable, but the song itself is likely to be less inspiring and more generic.

As you have said, I think the company applies its resources to a songwriter’s lyrics in order to create some quality (whether just standard, basic, professional, etc.) of a melody that is fitting to the client’s proposal. That’s what I presumed it would be, but I just wanted some clarification on its legitimacy. I honestly didn’t think it would make a “hit record” out of someone’s lyrics but I believe it intended to claim it has the potential too—and that’s where my questions arose. But I believe a company like this is trustworthy in that it can create a starting point for someone like me who can only create “poetry” rather than that and original melody.

Anyways, thank you all for the responses!! I’ll certainly research more on other resources of the industry and I hope to advance my experience!

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