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 Posted: Tue Apr 6th, 2021 04:00 pm
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Through search services, I discovered a seemingly promising site “Majestic Records Inc.” that claims to offer the world best songwriting services that will take lyricism (poetry, song, etc.) and apply music to it. I was curious about the legitimacy of such a site: is it credible? Is it everything it says it is? Has anyone ever used their services? OR is there anything like the services they claim to provide that is legitimately available (if this one is not)?

Furthermore, the site at first glance looks very “internet primitive” in its set-up but offers the copyrighted content in the publishers (your) name. Here is some info from the site itself:

“— Until now this has been totally out of reach moneywise for the average songwriter. BREAKTHROUGHS
HAVE BEEN MADE and a service that many have paid HIGHLY for is now available at an EXTREMELY
REASONABLE PRICE !!!!!! If one of your songs is accepted by MAJESTIC RECORDS INC. we will
produce a FULL STEREO RECORDING of it using some of the LATEST TECHNOLOGIES with a male
FOR ONLY (lengthy/difficult songs more).
Thanks to the wonders of modern technology we are able to produce your demo recording productions
at this VERY INEXPENSIVE COST !!! Because of the computer age we are able to use the sounds of at
least 200 different band styles along with re-usable 'intros' and 'outros'. Many, many electronic
instruments are available to us !!! The melody we write for you as always is totally ORIGINAL and
Copyrightable in your name !!! —”

They also boast a “BBB A+ rating” (BBB = Better Business Bureau; a national business rating system in the United States).

Any comments on the site would be helpful!!! Thank-you all!!

Site: ( )

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