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 Posted: Sat Mar 20th, 2021 11:01 pm
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Think I nailed it (with help from a pro 'lyric doctor' I bounced it off) *some notes after the tune---scroll down:

I LOVE YOUR WIFE Joel Fass © 2021 Exemplar (ASCAP)

My friend, I’ve got a story for you
And is it ever a doozy!
I have fallen in love---fallen so hard
I can hardly speak for being woozy
But for you this story simply can’t be missed
So sit down and brace yourself, it starts with a twist:

A: I love your wife
Didn’t want to fall
But I did, and for life
And to hell with it all!
I love her face
I love her grace
Her eyes, her thighs
Though it’s unwise

B: What we have here? A sticky situation
And I’m way, way beyond my station!
For you and for me, there’s sure to be a woeful end
To a tragedy I seemingly have penned

And what of her? Will she even take the ride?
Or say ‘Sorry, just can’t cross the ‘‘great divide”’?

C: Life can sometimes take inconvenient turns
But this one burns! Oh, how it burns!
The road I’ll take may lead to strife
But I love your wife
I love your wife

* Verse is to be taken rubato and in 3/4, switching to 4/4---then a 4/4 ballad tempo. (Verse in in C, tune proper in F---possibly a subliminal influence by The Boy Next Door, which has a verse in F and the main event in Bb). Working on the tune now that the lyric finally feels right. It's part of a suite, To Her, that has instrumentals also besides the 3 'lyricized' pieces...

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