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 Posted: Sat Oct 31st, 2020 12:04 am
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A project I was working on.  Co-writer said he didn't want to work with horror, suspense or murder mystery movie music genre, so I reclaimed it.  For your critique: (Happy Halloween!!)

Title: Night Bird
Lyrics © 2020 Joe Givens 
{Gloomy, scary} 
(For Murder Movie or Horror, Mystery?) 

Out from the darkness..
You hear the night bird call..
Something in the shadows..
An image on the wall? 

Your heart skips a beat or two..
Mind racing and wondering why..
You chose to come this way tonight..
Is this.. your night to die?! 

Hidden out of sight..
In the dreary gray fog of night..
You can't quite make it out..
But something's just not right.. 

You try to ignore the sounds..
The night bird's warning in your mind..
Trying to tell you something..
You look nervously behind.. 

Sweat begins to roll into 
Your weary burning eyes
Your steps quicken as you hear
Something trailing just behind!     

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