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 Posted: Tue Aug 25th, 2020 03:29 am
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Does He ever say c’mon man
When He’s looking right at you
Don’t you know to turn the other cheek
Walk a second mile or two
What part of love your neighbor
Do you not understand
Are the words of red not plain enough
Do you need my cmon man

When he walked around Jerusalem
He called disciples there
Do you think He welcomed all the same
Do you think he didn’t care
That Judas would betray Him
Did He not understand
Then just as he called James and John
Did He say then cmon man

Repeat chorus

When the thousands followed Him around
These men sure had no plan
When showed the loaves and fishes
Did He say then cmon man
When he stood inside the house that day
Of miracles and proof
He must have said cmon man
When they opened up the roof

Repeat Chorus

And later John the Baptist asked
If Jesus was the one
He could have said cmon man
The voice - the dove - His Son
Instead He said just tell him
The blind receive their sight
Captives are free, the lame are healed
The plan’s going to be all right

Repeat chorus

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