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 Posted: Sat Aug 15th, 2020 04:42 am
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What I’m Into

Verse 1:

Some guys like to pick girls up at a bar

Have one stands, won’t give away their hearts

That ain’t what I’m into

Some guys like to check out pretty young things

Only care about a fling, not thinkin’ ‘bout wedding rings

That ain’t what I’m into

They don’t treat girls with respect

But not all guys are like that

Buying her chocolates and flowers

And dancin’ for hours

Singin’ “I wanna love somebody like you:”

That’s what I’m into

Drivin’ around town

Playin’ Def Leppard real loud

Doin’ anything she wants to

That’s what I’m into

Verse 2:

Some guys don’t care about meeting her mama

Think they can just do anything they wanna

That ain’t what I’m into

Some guys just buy girls a drink

The girls roll their eyes when the guys give ‘em a wink

That ain’t what I’m into

They’re tired of the same old lines

That guys every time



Maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned

But I don’t care if they’re laughin’

Chorus (x2):

My music is 50% Country, 50% Pop/Rock (25% Rock and 25% Pop).
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