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 Posted: Thu Jul 30th, 2020 11:25 pm
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MASempine wrote:
Okay--I scrolled forward to find one of your country lyrics.

I read both versions. I liked both of them the same. Either would have worked for me if I were a musician looking for lyrics or a singer looking for a song.

Again, I think we're being pushed (by well intentioned people perhaps) to make little changes so that Andrea's song becomes OUR song.

If somebody has jumped on this one and wrote music--I'm all wrong. If not, maybe you were wasting your time with the changes.

Your comments are well taken. I appreciate your point of view. I am a perfectionist at heart, so it is often hard for me to decide when to stop tweaking. No one has jumped to make music for my lyrics, so yes, they will stay as is (unless someone offers and wants changes -lol). :D

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