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Daddy, L.D.
12-10-2000 (Rev. 6-05-2007) © Rick Terry


He knelt down in the front yard, leaned upon one knee

A cup of coffee in his hand, as he spoke to me

A poor old Okie country boy, a face that showed its years

Through a smile, he always found the words to cheer


Daddy L.D., was a country man, thinking country ways

From the Eastern Oklahoma, hills, he spoke of by-gone days

An old-time country-preacher, looking home toward Heavens’ Gates

He tried his best, to invest, a treasure there that waits


Daddy, L.D., had a treasure, in his heart

He always shared with me, an undeserving part

Though, he was not a rich man, he had riches, in his soul

He had treasure, as few men will ever know


How well I do remember, the things he taught to me

Although, it has taken, so long for me to see

Life is full of losses and life is full of gains

You never reap the joy, without the pain


He taught me to play guitar, when I was just a kid

On an old-time, flat-top guitar, my mom had bought for him

We’d sing those songs of Heaven; we’d walk those streets of gold

Almost too much, for this poor heart to hold


His silver hair a-shining, above his weathered brow

His Stetson, sitting on his knee, I still can see him now

He was down-home-country-folk, my problems were his own

He’d pack-them-up with prayer, and send them home


Chorus - - -


The last time that I saw him, he was sitting ‘neath his tree

Wearing his best Stetson hat, he waved good-bye to me

Knowing as I left, I’d never see him there again

For Heaven, has a place, for that Country-Gentleman


There’s not a day goes by, I don’t miss, and think of him

I just feel so blessed, having shared my life with him

He did his best, to invest, his very best in me

I just hope, I can live-up, to the man, he’d have me be

Chorus "B" 

Daddy, L.D., is a treasure in my heart

He poured his heart in mine, an undeserving part

Though, I’m not a rich man, I have riches in my soul

I have treasure, as few men will ever know


And I’m giving it away, before I go

Yes, I’m giving it away, before I go


Dedicated to the memory of my Father, Rev. L.D. Terry

May the Master say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

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