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 Posted: Thu Jun 18th, 2020 10:30 am
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Finally: I like your pure character of writing! I like the style of the lines are connected. Sometimes you use simple words that sound good if you speak it, but can be tricky for melody and singing. I, myself am a fan of double meanings of a line or even only one word, that can be a very powerful way of writing. Specially when it’s only one line and the rest is pure written. So I’d encourage you to find those words and build such lines. Only because it can give the whole thing a little bit more „spice“. I guess you know what I mean, and it is (of cause) no must, just an idea of mine.

Ty for those lyrics!

Hi RK. Here is the edited version. I do appreciate your feedback and input. Thank you for opening my eyes on those words that don’t sound beautiful when we sing them. I tried “Pretenders ” and ”Blocks”. I think they might be a little more singable. Nevertheless, I will keep that mindset when writing. I also wrote it with the heart of king David in mind. So you can think of this character as king David.

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