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 Posted: Fri Mar 1st, 2019 08:16 pm
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Bacco wrote: 1926, it's amazing to hear music recordings that are 90+ years old! Thanks for the link.

When I think about it more, there're subtle hints of this style in rock that I've noticed with both Robert Plant and Steven Tyler, I'm sure there are more singers that do this too but those two come to mind. Sometimes I'll hear Robert Plant and think that he could sing without any notes.

The Talking Blues style is all over Pop music. (and Jazz)

I remember as a teen, getting a hold of two albums that really shaped my interest in music.
Led Zeppelin II and The Best of Cream.

Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton were both members of the Yardbirds previously. (separately)
As was Jeff Beck. Another early influence.

This was at a time when heavy music was just making its way onto daytime radio.
Prior to that it was only heard late at night on "underground" radio programming.

- Sketch

PS -- I remember listening to the car radio when my Mom was in the store.
Two songs had a tremendous effect on me and you can hear it my music today.

I Think We're Alone Now - Tommy James & The Shondells
Hush - Deep Purple

The muted "heartbeat" palm-muted picking on I Think We're Alone Now and
the jungle beat on Hush are evident on my song recordings.

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