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 Posted: Sun Oct 7th, 2018 12:06 am
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RainyDayMan wrote: Nice! Love the interplay of sounds. The bass line is my favourite, but the guitar is very cool too. And I like the pauses there at the "Big Daddy" lines.

Perhaps tone the cymbals down on the percussion? I like the overall groove, and the extra whistles and percussion but those cymbals feel like they cut through too strongly for me.

Are you doing some FX on the vocals? It fits well with the overall tone.

I like the ending too, those drumbeats to go out on work really well.

Nicely done Steve!

Thanks, RDM.

Yes, I really piled on the effects on the vocals. (sounded terrible without them)
I ran them through a British Drive amp sound with some stomp boxes as well.
The FX were so high gain I had to trim out the quiet spots in between lyrics.
The roaring silence was a bit much. What I ended up with sounds like an over-driven PA
system with electrical issues in an outdoor urban environment bouncing off the buildings.

I ran the lead guitar (Strat equipped with hot rail pickups) through my pedal board stage setup.
But I added the delay in the software rather than using the delay on my pedal board.

- Steve

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