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 Posted: Sat Oct 6th, 2018 02:28 pm
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Motorist Sketchbook

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alcapone_dudu wrote: Motorist Sketchbook, very cool! Loved the guitar in the beginning of the song and the groove. That really got me.

Did you use a ''cuíca''?

Hey, thanks.
And welcome to the forum.
You can call me Steve, if you like.

The percussion is programmed. I think there is a "cuíca".
I can't remember all the names. But I love to add those spicy percussion instruments.
I started this song with the percussion and the bass groove. Which is unusual for me.
I usually lay down some guitar rhythm tracks before the bass.

This demo is a stylistic experiment. If you listen to some of my other music
you get more of the range. I have three Demo Reels on my SoundCloud page.
Each has just three songs. Perhaps start with the first one and continue as you
are interested. Thanks for listening and commenting. See you around. 

- Steve

Blue Collar Road Scholar

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