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Simple Memories
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 Posted: Tue Jul 26th, 2011 02:31 pm
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This is a new/old song. Some of you might remember "Love is Waiting" the Christmas song that Sarah and I did. Will this is one that we wrote for her wedding a few years. Note, this is a demo...I didn't own a good pop filter at the time, and you can hear her pop a plosive every once in a while. :) really nice tune though

-words by Sarah Beisser Ling, music by Ryan Sheeler (2006)

Summer sunset, shining on no regrets
I hardly know the boy that’s standing here
What’s that deep within? Feeling free with him
How my heart is soaring when he’s near

Simple memories, won’t you share them with me?
God is leading us always ever. Praise his name – we’re called together
Take my hand, as I’m walkin’ next to you
Living each day in this life – sure of what’s true
Greater love that know no bounds will guide us through

Seasons come and go, oh how our love has grown
We rake leaves and admire spring rainbow beams
You turn your eyes on me, and darling, frequently
That makes me catch my breath and dare to dream


And winter wonder enfolds us under
A blanket of crystal white snow
You kiss the snowflakes off my nose which makes
Me sure this is how love should go


CHORUS 2 – modulate up whole step
Oh sweet harmonies – won’t you sing them with me?
God’s great song in my life will surely never be complete until you
Dance with me on the sands of time
Words will never be enough – there’s no perfect rhyme
Only the Great Father – could give love so divine

c. 2006 Sarah Beisser Ling, Ryan Sheeler ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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 Posted: Wed Jul 27th, 2011 09:44 am
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Very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

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