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‘Where The Devil Lurked' - final demo
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 Posted: Fri Sep 24th, 2010 05:16 am
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Roy Cooper

Joined: Sun Sep 5th, 2010
Location: London, United Kingdom
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Hi friends.


This is the final demo of my song. I do hope that some will enjoy.


Thanks and God Bless Roy






youtube: video with lyrics only





‘Where The Devil Lurked' Roy Cooper © 2010


Hearing their fearful cries

He paid them no heed

Gave them water once a day

And Fed them cattle feed.

He lived a life of evil

Would fight, swear and curse

Condoned un-holy suffering

For gold in his bulging purse


Toiling where the devil lurked

Surrounded by despair

He didn’t think too much of God

No, he really didn't care


Sailed across the oceans

To deliver those wretched souls

Forced to lie beneath the deck

In waist high dingy holds

He was captain of a slave ship

Making profits was his curse

Hearing that slaves were dying

He’d clutch his shrinking purse


Toiling where the devil lurked

Surrounded by despair

He didn’t think too much of God

No, he really didn't care


Then one day a raging storm

Took hold to sink his ship

Could hear that awful wailing

From deep down in midships

He cried out for God’s mercy

Please hear my pitiful call

Screamed out for redemption

Pleaded, I beg you save us all


Toiling where the devil lurked

He was delivered from despair

Swore to God he would atone

For the life that brought him there


Twas that day,God changed his life

He went on to become ordained

Tried to shake the memories

But still his guilt remained

So he turned to writing hymns

Putting heart felt words to verse

Thanking God for saving him

When he was at his worst


It was said that when he died, he prayed for Gods embrace

Leaving us his legacy - the hymn – ‘Amazing Grace’


"John Newton" - captain - poet - clergyman. Born 1725 Died 1807"

'You Have To Kiss A Lot Of Frogs To Find A Prince'
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 Posted: Wed Feb 22nd, 2012 10:08 pm
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Jim Colyer

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Those white people must really be evil.

Annie Bushmeyer CD
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 Posted: Mon Jun 18th, 2012 11:04 am
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Hi Roy
Good story, albeit a lengthy one which may work a little against it IMO.
The vocal is good and the melody too is pleasant and memorable.
John (AKA Jake & others)

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