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Open Mic 11/13/2009
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 Posted: Sun Nov 8th, 2009 11:12 pm
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Friday Night Open Mic
November 13, 2009

Hello TSF Members,

If you wish to submit a song for Friday Night Open Mic, please create a New Topic in the Open Mic forum with your song title and type a short statement in the text body... like ...."I'm in with "First and Ten". Next, send your MP3 and lyrics to I will then edit your original post, setting up the Media Player and lyrics on or before Wednesday night EST.

Members, please note the following:

  1. When naming your MP3 file, please avoid using spaces or special characters.
  2. Although it may display OK in MS Word or MS Outlook, using the following technique will help avoid double line spacing when the lyrics are ultimately pasted into the forum. When typing your lyrics out, please hold the SHIFT key before you press RETURN each time. This will save me some time.
  3. Once I've inserted the Windows Media Player with your mp3, please don't attempt to go back and edit text; It will disable the Media Player in the original post. I will then have to start over and set it up again.
  4. On Sunday PM EST, I will move the threads to the Open Mic Archive to 'clear the stage' for the coming week. Replies/Comments can continue once they are in the Archive.

Thank you,


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